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What is Awaazi?

Awaazi is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System for automated interaction with telephone callers. Pre-recorded voice prompts are used to present information and options to collect their responses.Company’s operations become much easier with automated system integration, which include-IVR takes care of callers seeking account balances, process transactions,

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Our Features

What features IVR solution have?

Call Center

Automated call centre solution for banks, enterprises are executed smoothly


Our solution provides option for customization as per requirement

Secured Access

The necessary access security has been ensured for safe experience

Repeated Survey

Particular surveys may be repeated several times after each prefixed interval

Voice Broadcast

Broadcast will take place by predetermined and prerecorded message enunciated by previously chosen voice

Customized Survey

Combination of both key press and voice response are incorporated in same Survey

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Specific problems solved by Awaazi

  • At a time thousands of beneficiaries are reached
  • Less time required for voice response
  • Analyze comprehensive reporting with a wide array of options
  • Voice can be recorded for later analysis

Awaazi Uniqueness

Innovations used while developing
the product

  • Visual IVR
  • Multimodal Engagement at the IVR
  • Best-of-Breed Conversational AI Options
  • Omni Reporting Cross-Channel Journeys
  • One Low-Code Automation Platform

Trusted by Over 70 Company